Welcome to SAIL Lab!

The Society + AI & Language (SAIL) Lab at Virginia Tech is led by Dr. Eugenia H. Rho.

At SAIL, we strive to advance Computational Social Science (CSS) by using AI and sociolinguistics to better understand how AI-mediated systems impact interactions across people and machines.

To this end, our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to bridge the gap between the technical and social aspects of computer science.

Our mission at SAIL is to design more inclusive and effective AI systems that positively impact society. To achieve this, we employ both deep learning and experimental design to analyze large-scale data and develop insights into the complex interactions between AI and language. Our research explores the impact of language and AI on social dynamics, user experience, and communication, with a particular focus on addressing the ethical and social implications of these systems.

By developing novel computational techniques that blend AI and language, we hope to create a more comprehensive understanding of how AI-mediated systems interact with people, culture, and society.

To Prospective Students:

SAIL Lab is always looking for PhD students and exceptional master and undergraduate students. Please apply to CS@VT. If you are in Virginia Tech already and would like to work with us, please reach out to eugenia@vt.edu.

Dr. Eugenia Rho

Xiaohan Ding (PhD)

Kaike Ping (PhD)

Buse Carik (PhD)

Uma Gunturi (MS)

Anisha Kumar (MS)

Rohan Leekha (MS)

Recent News!

  • (2023/07) Welcoming our newest SAIL lab member, Xiaozheng Wang! 🎉
  • (2023/05) Dr. Rho’s recent work Escalated Police Stops of Black Men Are Linguistically and Psychologically Distinct in Their Earliest Moments has been interviewed by CNN, Scripp News, and NPR.
  • (2023/05) We are grateful to receive a new grant from the CHCI Planning Grants! 🎉
  • (2023/04) Uma received 2nd place in the Torgersen Research Excellence Awards Annual competition for her M.S Thesis Oral Presentation! 🎉
  • (2023/04) Uma has been selected as one of the 26 finalists for the Torgersen Research Excellence Awards! 🎯
  • (2023/03) Two Workshop Papers got accepted at The CHI 2023 Workshop on Combating Toxicity, Harassment, and Abuse in Online Social Spaces! Congratulations Xiaohan, Uma and Rohan! 🎉
  • (2023/01) Welcoming our newest SAIL lab member, Buse Carik! 🎉
  • (2023/01) Dr. Rho is teaching CS:6724 Human AI-Interaction in the Spring Semester 2023.
  • (2022/12) One paper was accepted to ICWSM 2023 in the initial round at a 5.6 % acceptance rate. Congratulations to Xiaohan Ding! 🎉
  • (2022/03) Dr. Rho is teaching CS:5984 Computational Social Science in the Fall Semester 2022.
  • (2021/12) Happy to announce Dr. Rho received a $15K grant from the Center of Peace Studies & Violence Prevention at VT to jumpstart SAIL lab’s research on examining linguistic patterns around groupthink in extremist reactions to public health mandates!